The Wheel of Shakespeare!

  • Posted: September 9, 2013
  • Author: D.C. McQueen
  • Categories: Design, Painting
  • Description: For the Nickel Shakespeare Girls' trip to the New York Ren Faire: I was asked to make them a Spinning Wheel of Shakespeare! I used paint pens ...
Wheel of Shakespeare!

Nickel Shakespeare Girl Show Signs!

Nickel Shakespeare Girls at Festival of Legends with their new signs! April 27th, 2013!

Lilith Heights


Martha Speaks Print Ad

Martha Speaks Debut print ad for Brain Child Magazine.

I am my own Empire.

I am My Own Empire.



“We felt the website needed a complete overhaul. We wanted a site that was easy to navigate, one where it would be easy to purchase our books, with all the latest news and other fun stuff. Our new site, designed by D.C. McQueen, has given us all that and more! We’re very excited to show it to the world!”
-Shadowline President, Jim Valentino.

"DC McQueen, Goddess of the Internet: I strongly recommend the web design and support services of Diana (DC) McQueen. I have been absolutely delighted with the quality of her work and her very friendly, kind explanations of the technology I have had to learn to manage this site."
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